When you’re looking for just the right mix of both natural light and privacy at home, these ideas for window privacy are for you.

Maximizing natural light by way of many windows and doors is highly desirable, can brighten up spaces, and lift moods, too. But of course, there are spaces in the home that plead for a little more privacy. Bathrooms are certainly one of those rooms, but so are others like a home office or bedroom. Even a public gathering area in the home, like a sitting room, can benefit from the option of privacy from time to time. So, when you want to capitalize on natural light but also desire some seclusion, here are four residential window privacy solutions to consider.

Curtains or Blinds  
The first privacy solution that occurs to most homeowners may well be to simply install curtains or blinds. This is certainly one way to lessen exposure to the outside, and it can be a simple, elegant, and economical solution when replacing windows and launching a whole renovation project is not an option. By adding blinds with translucent fabrics, homeowners can achieve a more modern look (and as a bonus, they can avoid the dust that collects in venetian-style blinds). Consider this window privacy solution when designing for a space like an office nook, as pictured above. 

Tinted or Decorative Glass  
Achieve privacy and a touch of style with tinted, decorative, or textured glass. A bronze, gray, or green tint can give your space a calm and sequestered feeling, not to mention a honeyed hue on the outside world. And decorative glass, such as “aqualite” (left) with its watery translucent look or “Flemish” (right) decorative glass with its opaque sequins-esque appearance, could accomplish the element of privacy you seek while also instilling beauty. Browse the selection when choosing tinted or decorative glass as a privacy solution, as there are many options available and you can really design a custom, one-of-a-kind space. 

Awning Windows Up High 
Strategic placement of windows in a room can play a role in reaping a little privacy while at the same time illuminating a space with sunlight. To that end, why not install awning windows at a height that guarantees both privacy and loads of natural light? The sash of an awning window is hinged at the top and swings open at the bottom, making them excellent for letting in a cool breeze and letting out stagnant air. If you opt for an awning positioned up high, install them at a height that still allows you to open the windows to enjoy fresh air flow.  

4 Window Privacy Ideas for Your Home | Marvin. https://www.marvin.com/blog/4-window-privacy-ideas-for-your-home

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