Denver millennials are investing in home improvements

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Recognizing that Denver is one of the most pre-eminent cities in the country, it’s no wonder many of the younger generations are flocking to the Mile High City. Those in their 20s and 30s are fixing up lower-cost properties.  


Colorado’s economy is still doing well, despite the pandemic.  Even though a lot of restaurants and businessed had to shut down for most of 2020, housing and remodeling stayed strong.  That, combined with the legal recreational marijuana dispensaries, PPE Program, and plenty of new big business coming to Colorado, the sky may be the limit for millennials.

Colorado millennials are 66.9% white whereas Colorado’s overall population is 69% white

5% of Colorado’s millennials are black, versus 4.1% of the state’s population

4.3% of Colorado’s millennial population is Asian versus 2.9% of Colorado’s overall population

22.8% of Colorado millennials identify as Hispanic versus 20.9% of the state of Colorado

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