Do porch pirates ever get caught?

An approximated 23 million Americans have had a package swiped from their front porch—the average value of a stolen package is $200.

With all the online shopping due to Covid-19 restrictions, porch pirates are out in force. Homeowners have seen a rise in package theft, especially during the holidays.

While it seems like we are all capturing crimes on video, criminals know this and don’t care. I’m sure theft of packages is way down the list of priorities with law enforcement. Police make arrests in less than 10% of recorded package robbery cases.

Current package delivery practices make it easy for porch pirates. Packages commonly sit in clear sight on front porches while people are gone from home. And, many retailers and courier services aren’t liable for delivered packages.

So what are things homeowners can do to prevent package theft?

Tips To Stop Porch Pirates

  • Don’t leave your mail or parcels unattended, especially overnight.
  • Be a buddy and help a neighbor in need. 
  • Have packages sent to a family member rather than yourself. 
  • Have packages shipped to a store to pick up later. 
  • Leave a note for the mail carrier to let them know where to hide packages. 
  • Install security cameras on your residence. 

Even with the convenience and safety of shopping online, It is a shame we even have to worry about porch pirates, who rarely get caught. It will be nice when we can return to regular shopping. Whatever that will be.

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