Let the Light In

Natural light has long been one of the most desirable aspects of a home. It turns out, there are scientific reasons behind the urge to live in a sunshine-filled space.

Source: www.marvin.com

In the architecture discipline, daylighting refers to natural light, be it bright sunlight or muted clouded light, to support homeowners’ visual requirements. Daylighting purists claim that for a space to be judged daylit, it must use natural light as the primary source of daytime lighting, create a visually and thermally comfortable place connected to outdoor phenomena, and persistently maximize electric lighting energy savings while minimizing peak energy demand. However, the rest of us might consider a space daylit if it merely has a window with a view.


Daylight, Efficiency, and Productivity

Daylight has been promoted for its many aesthetic and health benefits by architects and researchers alike. Experts have stated that daylit conditions increase resident productivity and well-being and provide the subconscious and visual stimulation necessary to improve human circadian rhythms.

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