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Becoming more energy efficient isn’t just for those of us who want to save the environment. Living energy efficient can help your pocketbook. Whether it’s something as big as installing new windows or something as little as turning off the lights, you save cash when you cut back on how much electricity you use. There are several steps you can take to make your home more energy-efficient. Some energy-efficient modifications are one-time expenses. Others are things you can do every day! Recognize, though, that you don’t have to follow every step to be energy efficient. Even if you only complete two or three of these changes, you will save energy, funds, and the environment.

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Everything starts at the top and when it gets hot you are going to regret not having your attic insulated properly.

The attic is where you frequently find the most significant air leaks, increasing your energy bills and making you miserably hot in summertime and cold in the wintertime. It is also a generally accessible place, making it more manageable to air seal and insulate to improve your home’s comfort and overall energy performance.

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Air ducts are used to circulate conditioned air throughout houses with forced-air heating and cooling systems. About 20% of the air that flows through the duct system is lost in familiar places due to leaks, holes, and inadequately connected ducts. The result is an ineffective HVAC system, high utility bills, and trouble keeping the house comfortable, no matter how the thermostat is set.


Doors and Windows

If replacing windows and doors, choose ENERGY STAR Certified products meant for your climate, and save money every year in energy costs. With proper fitting to ensure all gaps around home openings are sealed. ENERGY STAR Certified doors and windows could help improve your comfort, cut drafts, and reduce interior furnishings’ fading.

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